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About Us

CCAT meets the need of a school specializing in training for those professions where the individual requires the mastery of Science, Art and Television, sitting on a solid social and humanistic base. Under this philosophy, the institution provides students with the opportunity to be exposed to educational experiences that stimulate their development and creativity.

The Center of Cinematography, Arts, and Television is organized to meet the need to provide quality educational alternatives for training in the area of communications. With its humanistic base and having as philosophy the principle that everyone deserves the opportunity to be educated in the area of their choice, CCAT provides the opportunity for youth and adults to study in a professional environment where the focus of educational management is the development of students. This development pursued by CCAT will provide its graduates with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will enable them to successfully face the challenges of a constantly changing profession.

Service of Excellence

  • Have a faculty and staff with a vision of personalized service and able to provide for the development of technical experiences.
  • Provide a practical and creative curriculum that fits the technological innovations and advances in the media.
  • Having the equipment to be in accordance with industry standards to provide an excellent service.

"The commitment of CCAT is to develop a new generation of filmmakers, producers, sound engineers and technicians. Provide a creative environment where the student can implement and develop production skills”

–Carola García, Administrative Director